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Such goods cannot be returned by any means. We wish to stress that no liability or responsibility whatsoever is accepted by us for the injury of any patents or other legal protection for items for which buyers will send or will or will have sent us samples or descriptions etc. for manufacturing. We are not bound to examine whether any items orders as per such samples or descriptions etc. are subject to patent right or other legal protection.

11. Claims, if any, must be made not later than ten days after receipt of goods. We prepare or replace defective parts free of charge, at our option. Beyond this we accept no further obligation, in particular no liability for damages, for non-fulfilment, or for any other reasons, nor do we agree upon price reductions etc.

12. Terms of payment are subject to special arrangements must arrive without causing any losses of differences. All bill and discounting charges have to be paid by the buyer. Payments in foreign currencies will be credited only at the definite proceeds in Deutsche Mark (DM = German Marks). Any losses caused by devaluation for fluctuation of the currencies in questions have to be paid by the buyer, even if he paid before the currency in question became devalued or changed in any other way.

13. All good supplied by us remain our property until full value for the pending orders and for any goods supplied before or after, including interests and costs, is paid to us. Cheques and bills of exchange are only accepted in the place of payment. Claims of our customers for goods unpaid which they resold to a third party shall accordingly be considered assigned to us without any right of reserve. Our customer is entitled to collect these amounts himself until further notice is given.

14. All our catalogues, pamphlets, lists, drawings etc. remain our property and may be asked back at any time. It is not permitted to copy them or to hand them over to our competitors or other unauthorized individuals. If they are used with prejudice to our interests, we reserve the right to prosecute such actions us unfair competition. All illustrations and measurements given in our advertising material are not obliging. They are subject to alterations serving progress.

15. Place of fulfilment of contract and venue for delivery and payment, an for all actual right obligations, and claims whatsoever, is Storkow, Germany. This refers also to claims based on al bill of exchange or on cheques. In all cases German Law shall be applied for both parties. However, we shall be entitled to take legal proceedings against the buyer in his own competent court, at our option.


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